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Loopbaancoaching Rotterdam

After my high school days I started to delve into personal development. How a person can develop from a state of being to another can form. I believe that personality is not static and that it can also evolve. This requires an enormous capacity for self-awareness and honesty with yourself.

There are countless schools of learning and research that try to help man find his most fundamental form. I have identified the most important principles for man, done research and conducted many practical experiments to test my methodologies for their validity. This has given me the confidence to help anyone who dares to do so to bring out the power they have within them and to transform their lives.

Furthermore, my background is in finance, behavioral psychology, sports and more. I come from a multi-ethnic background and speak over 4 languages (Dutch, Spanish, English and Papiamento). The purpose of my practice is to offer you (professionals or students) the insights that will be necessary to make the right choices so you can realize your desired goals. This may relate to your business, your relationships or any other goal you want to realize for yourself.

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