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What does a reflection consultant do?

A reflection consultant supports their clients in their journey to self-awareness and healing, bringing them step by step closer to the best version of themselves. The focus is placed solely on self-reflection, where having the dialogue in particular is the greatest gain for the client. Doctor Oakley distinguished different levels of awareness: simple awareness, consciousness and self-awareness. Self-awareness is the key to making the appropriate adjustments needed to achieve a specific outcome.

What can I expect?

I think it’s important to engage in dialogue. This is often the first step and sometimes very difficult for many people. Sometimes it is difficult to admit to yourself that you are struggling with something, or sometimes it is difficult to ask a loved one to listen to you. Everyone has a different growth and healing process and because of this the needs for a reflection consultant are different. Therefore, I think it is important that you know you can engage in conversation, be seen, be heard, be respected, and hear the objective feedback. Furthermore, you can gain support, mediation and new skills that will help you further in the development process of self-awareness.



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